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I Couldn’t Get My Hands On A One Hour Script

Matthew Weiner on writing the Mad Men pilot (at 46:42): I couldn’t get my hands on a one-hour script.  I’d never read one even.  I didn’t know about act breaks.  I knew about act breaks from half hour.  I knew I didn’t want to do them.  I knew they wasted a lot of the audiences’ […]

Dad Men

My dad was a mad man.  He started his career as a copywriter in Montreal. Sy Frolick, now retired, was a New York ad man — a trailblazer in the early days of television.  He was also a childhood friend of my dads.  My mother just sent me an article Sy wrote on the occasion […]

Mad Men Season 3 Revisited

TV is about to pick up again with a lot of series starting new seasons (Breaking Bad, True Blood, Treme and Glee), but also on tonight’s agenda is the Mad Men season 3 encore starting Sunday March 21st on AMC. An awful lot of people come to this blog looking on a search for Mad […]

Mad Men Muppet Style

Which reminds me, I don’t think I watched this week’s episode.  Gotta go…

Gynocracy: Mad Men Returns

When we first see the milk sloshing into the pan on the stove and Don all bleary-eyed, we think the baby has been born.  But no, Don is caring for his other baby, Betty. The scene he sees as he stands there is in his imagination.  It isn’t a flashback or a memory.  This is […]

Mad Men: How Far They’ve Come

Are you excited?  Only 9 days left to the launch of season 3 and judging by the number of writers who’ve Mad Men-ized their profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter I’m guessing lots of people are looking forward to August 9.  And so in anticipation, I decided to do a little comparison between the pilot […]

Meshugene Men

Like Denis, I was at the Playback Innovation Forum yesterday.  Denis has got some valid criticisms of the event in his post, so I’ll go straight to the content. James Manos Jr. Bill Brioux interviewed James Manos Jr, who developed Dexter for television but left the series sometimes during the first season.  Manos is a […]

More From Matt

Remember how Don got that apology? Matt can explains that one of the things he wanted to show in this episode was that “there’s a mercenary business quality to their interaction”. Mission accomplished. Thematically, he says that episode is all about what married people do for each other.

What Matt Thinks

Wondering what Sunday’s Mad Men episode was all about? Here’s what Matt has to say: