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Category Archives: Seinfeld

The Five Greatest TV Shows Ever

The results are in and the winner is clear: The Wire took the lead early and never let go.  Arrested Development on the other hand could not hold it’s early lead and slipped into third place behind Seinfeld, which wasn’t even really a player in the nomination round. The Simpsons beat out that other beloved […]

Malcolm in the Middle Pilot

I’m still on my half hour kick, but for Malcolm in the Middle I went back to the excellent, funny and original pilot. Not the original pilot as seen on air, this is the extended pilot from the DVD set for which the writers are seriously under-compensated and hence striking. In addition to not downloading […]

Master of Their Domain – Seinfeld

I find myself working on some half hour comedies and hence watching them. In order to understand the half hour, I’ve tried to check in with a variety of series mid-run, rather than watching the pilots. So the next few posts will review what I’ve been watching.What I’m up to is a quick and dirty […]