April 18, 2008 Jill

Go take a look at Penguin’s site We Tell Stories.  It’s home to some very interesting examples of digital storytelling.  The concept of the site is that six writers took six classic novels and retold them on the web using the tools available.

The first of the stories, 21 Steps, is an homage to the classic 39 Steps told in text on Google Maps.  Kind of cool.  There’s also an alternate reality game (ARG) embedded in the story which you have to be in England to truly appreciate.

The second story, Slice, has some ressemblance to what I’m doing with Story2Oh!  It uses blogs and Twitter.  Slice is an homage to The Haunted Doll House, a book I must admit I’ve never even heard of let alone read.

The final of the six stories launches April 22.

The project is very interesting and innovative.  It’s great example of print writers taking to and playing with this new medium.  I’d love to see a similar play space for screenwriters.

Thanks to Rob Mills, the linkmeister, for turning me onto this.