May 3, 2008 Jill

Go read what Denis has to say about Less Than Kind and creator/producers Chris Seasgreen and Marvin Kaye.  They were my guests at Thursday night’s Writers Watching TV screening series.  They were smart and funny and the show is a gem.  Charming, funny, warm and authentic.  And Maury Chaykin is masterful in the role of the father, but then all the performances are lovely.

Mark McKinney was the third member of the showrunning triumverate.

They are still in post and don’t yet have an air date, although it sounds like fall which is kind of awful since I need a little comedy now and Less Than Kind is exactly my kind of comedy.  Still, I have Robson Arms to keep me warm for the moment.

Anyway, I will post more on the Chris, Marvin and Less Than Kind closer to the airdate, but for now there’s McGrath.