July 27, 2009 Jill

The Wire’s over and Treme hasn’t started yet.  But you can get a fix of David Simon by listening to a podcast or three.

WFIU’s Culture show has a recent podcast interview with David Simon, entitled from Baltimore to the Big Easy.  You can download it free directly from the WFIU site or by searching iTunes for WFIU Culture and then selecting “The Wire’s David Simon” from among the podcasts listed.

Simon’s new project,Treme is set in post-Katrina New Orleans. It will air on HBO  in 2010.

It’s a story about musicians and other people trying to reconstitute their lives after the storm in 2004, with heavy emphasis on the cultural aspects.  It’s not the Wire in New Orleans, it’s something different.

Once you’ve had a taste of Simon talking,  you may want more. The Marc Steiner show did a series of podcasts to mark the series finale with various personnel from the series including Simon, Ed Burns, Andre Royo (Bubbles) and Robert Chew (Prop Joe).  You can download the podcasts or transcripts from The Marc Steiner Show web site.