September 17, 2009 Jill

CatThe time has come to start creating digital content.  Why?  Here are some reasons:

  1. Small players can gain huge followings with easily accessible tools and not a huge cost outlay.  Mind you, it takes work, but with minor resources you can compete effectively with the big guys.  Case in point Sockington; the most popular cat on Twitter has more followers than Justin Timberlake, The White House and Paris Hilton.
  2. According to Bryan Segal of Comscore, Canada is number on in terms of internet penetration.  Canadians watch more hours of video online than a89% of web users in Canada use social networks – highest in the world!  And we are the number one Facebook nation.  Wanna talk to get Canadians?  Get online and get social. And btw, females dominate the web — not by a lot but more but we definitely use it more.  We use mobile more too.  And the 35-54 demographic?  Key mobile users.  (You need to know this stuff if you’re getting in the game and let me remind you, the time is now.)
  3. All the same reasons that breast feeding is best: Cheap, portable and it comes in those cute little packages.
  4. 12-35 year olds are spending more time online than they are spending on any other single media.
  5. What has old media done for you lately?  Besides crush your soul.  Has it given you creative satisfaction?  The opportunity to do your best work?  The control and profit participation you think you deserve?  Respect?
  6. The learning curve isn’t that steep… yet.
  7. There’s no one to tell you no.  You can’t do a thing in old media without auditioning or pitching or applying.  Someone else is responsible for turning on the green light.  Not so when you’re creating digital entertainment.  Give yourself the greenlight anytime you’re ready.