December 10, 2009 Jill

I’m lucky enough to be attending my third Crossover lab with Frank Boyd which can best be described as creative heaven.

This one, like the first I attended in March is presented by the Canadian Film Centre under the title NBC Universal Multimedia Matchmaking Program.  These sessions are incredible weeklong creative events that bring together people with different backgrounds to brainstorm and develop crossplatform projects.  When they pair up under Frank’s creative guidance magic happens.

We are in the midst of it now, with five teams sequestered all over the Oban Inn fine tuning their projects and gearing up to pitch them.  Adrenalin and coffee are flowing, but so far no tears.
Over the last few days, in between brainstorms, we’ve surveyed many innovative game sites we looked at:


The MacDonald’s game
Games that involve real events are known as pervasive games:


Journey to the End of Night
A theatre experience without any actors:

A Small Town Anywhere

A BBC kids’ site:


Some current(ish) ARGs:

Love Letters to the Future


JeJune Institute

Bradford Rant Institute (Lego and geo-caching)
Here are some places to get metrics of various sorts, many having to do with Twitter:

Google insights

Google trends