December 2, 2009 Jill

I didn’t mean to release another Hailey Hacks video this week, but then this appeared at the top of the Facebook newsfeed page:

Zuckerberg letter

In between telling us that Facebook has reached 350 million users, Mark lets us know that he’s changing the way Facebook privacy settings work.  It’s not earth shattering news (IMHO) that Facebook is doing away with networks as a component of the privacy settings.  But if everyone (or even just Mark) is thinking about privacy settings, the segue seems pretty natural.  So here is Hailey Hacks Facebook Privacy Settings.

Hailey Hacks Facebook Privacy Settings

As concerned as MZ’s letter suggests Facebook is about privacy, the truth is there are tons of kids on Facebook, many under the 13 year old age limit.  I won’t name names but they are there.  I think they belong there, but I also think they need to have their privacy settings set high.  I’m not filled with fear about the potential dangers to kids on the web, but I do think a little common sense is necessary.  There pictures shouldn’t show up in searches and shouldn’t be available to people they don’t know.  Definitely none of their information should show up in ads.  Their contact information shouldn’t been seen by anyone.  In the video, all the settings Hailey uses are based on being ultra cautious.

These settings are probably too high for adults and even people in university, but for kids 15 and under, I think they’re perfect.  So please, share the video with any kids, parents and teachers you know.