January 13, 2010 Jill

The Social Media Week Story Project has a title: Crushing It!

Crushing It! is the comic tale of a group of people whose lives and social networks become intertwined over the course of a week.  The story will be collectively told by a group of professional screenwriters and others through social networking tools.

The title, Crushing It! is an homage to Gary Vaynerchuk and his book Crush It! which motivates entrepreneurs to use the social web.

An incredible team of writers are assembling to make this thing a reality along with a group of non-writers who are also contributing.  Sophie Sampson, in the UK who penned Mrs Hudson’s twitter feed for 221B, is on board along with Scott Albert of Tights and Fights fame and the soon-to-be-released Job Review With a Vampire.  Also Lorin Wertheimer of Speedie Date, Illia Svirsky, Brent Delaney and more.  I should have a fuller list of names up soon.

After a lunch with Karen Hill and Scott Albert, I put together a quick bible which outlined a few characters and story lines.  That went to everyone who’d volunteered to participate and a few people who hadn’t quite volunteered yet.

Some of them have come back with their own characters and storylines, others have laid claim to characters in the bible and still others will have characters thrust upon them.  Tonight a bunch of writers are getting together to do our first Crushing It story meeting.

One of the things I’m grappling with is how much to open source this.  Should I make the  writers bible available?  That’s a spoiler if ever there was one.  On the other hand, open source creative is a cool idea.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?