January 7, 2010 Jill

I often call Hailey Hacks my experiment in revenue models. I have used the project to explore different ways of monetizing online projects and will continue try different things with it.

When I uploaded the current crop of episodes to blip.tv, I decided to try turning on the ads.  I haven’t turned on pre-roll yet.  That’s clearly where the most money is, but a pre-roll, as the name indicates, runs before the video and I feel it’s too intrusive.   I think it dillutes the user experience.  I know that I hate when there’s an ad before the video I’m trying to watch, so I decided not to inflict that on my viewers.

I did turn on overlays and post-roll.  Post-roll runs after the video and I’m pretty sure no one sticks around for it, even though if you did, I might make fractions of a penny and if you really loved me you would.  Overlays are the ads that sit at the bottom of the screen over top of the video.  They have a button on them so you can make them disappear if they interfer with your viewing pleasure.

The revenue from these ads is dependent on a number of factors including how many people watch, how long they watch and where they are.  Is it lucrative?  No.  I haven’t made enough money to go to Starbucks yet.

And for not-the-price-of-a-cup-of-coffee, who’s advertising on Hailey Hacks?

Hailey hotel ad

Hailey fund ad

Hailey Rogers ad

Hailey Christian DVD ad