January 8, 2010 Jill

The Social Media Week Story Project is starting to take shape.  A team is forming.  Stories and characters are developing.  And a plan for pulling the whole thing off is starting to fall into place.

Yesterday, Karen Hill and Scott Albert sat down with me and we had a first go at wrestling this sucker to the ground.  I’ve worked with both Karen and Scott before and they are both funny, experienced, reliable writers.  The kind of writers I want at my side when I’m biting off more than I can chew.  The kind of writers who can save my ass.

We tossed around idea for story and character and talked about our own and our friends’ relationship-in-the-social-web-stories.  We also figured out some process.

The plan is for me to begin writing a bible that sketches out the beginning of story and character.  We’ll meet again next week with a broader collection of writer and contributors and keep figuring it out step by step.

We’re still looking for people to join the team especially in the following categories:

  • Web savvy people to help with technical elements like setting up web sites, RSS feeds and all the aggregation we’ll need to make this easy on the audience
  • Designers to create a logo and design the web site
  • Community manager/public relations/cheerleaders to help us get the word out
  • Actors to lend their faces to characters

There are probably lots of things I haven’t anticipated yet, so if you want to participate, let me know.  (email to story2oh (at) gmail etc).

P.S. If you come across anything on the web that looks like it could have relevance to what we’re doing — in terms of story, character, strategy, etc — please add a link to the Social Media Week Story Project FriendFeed.