February 5, 2010 Jill

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday recaps.

Young Neal declared himself, but Gam3rgurl wasn’t sure.

A Song for Gam3rgurl (Neal's Video Blog #4)

gg-isnt-sure.jpg neal-asks-gg-out.jpg

June and Julian reconnected.

datesuccces.jpg coming-home.jpg


Bootywatchman was close to scoring when Brad made a discovery.

booty-date.jpg brad-catches-barb.jpg


Lily went into labour.

HollingPete hauled ass toward Toronto.

pete-border.jpg pete-hurries.jpg

And made it just in time.

its-a-baby.jpg pinkdave.jpg

name-dave.jpg ababypic.jpg

amazing-dave.jpg deal.jpg

Tune in today at 1:30 and 6:00 for the final episodes of Crushing It!

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