March 21, 2010 Jill

TV is about to pick up again with a lot of series starting new seasons (Breaking Bad, True Blood, Treme and Glee), but also on tonight’s agenda is the Mad Men season 3 encore starting Sunday March 21st on AMC.

An awful lot of people come to this blog looking on a search for Mad Men and I noticed, it isn’t all that easy to find the best of my Mad Men posts.  So here’s a new post that will point you to some of the older posts on Mad Men.

If what you’re looking for is the actual pilot script of Mad Men, it’s right here  along with a few other season one episodes.

I did not get the Mad Men pilot, called when Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, when I first saw it.  My post about it was written from a place of total bafflement.   But I did eventually warm up to the series and figured out how to dissect it.  My breakdown of Mad Men is one of my most popular posts ever.  If you’re spec’ing a Mad Men, my Ten Tips for Your Mad Men Spec dates back to 2007, but is still worth a read. Here are my thoughts before the third season launched and a post on the third season launch. Finally, Mad Men makes an appearance in my list of Six Unforgettable Sex Scenes.

I have a few other posts kicking around, but those are the meaty ones.  So if you’ve come here looking for Mad Men, check those links first.