March 23, 2010 Jill

At docSHIFT last night, Mark Greenspan, the ubercool new media producer and the guy who puts together NextMEDIA, gave a presentation on interactive docs.

Here are links to docs he talked about so you can go play around with them.  If you know of any docs that are missing from this list, let me know please.

the-big-issue.jpgBranching narratives:

The Big Issue

Journey to the End of the Coal

Becoming Human

Empire of the Word

Database narratives:

Britain from Above


Remix Manifesto


Diamond Road Online

We Feel FineCondition Critical


Generation Tian’anmen Being Twenty in China

102 Minutes that Change America

We Feel Fine

Iron Curtain Diaries 1989-2009

Big Stories, Small Town

City Sonic

Breakout Online Gorilla GameGames:

Gone Gitmo


Projects with interesting business models:

Genomic Digital Lab

The Grid

Workout with Sydney Crosby  (This site wouldn’t load when I tried it, not sure if it’s a temporary problem.)

Pax Warrior

VBSTV  online broadcaster of news and documentary content.

Missing from Mark’s list:

Inside Disaster