April 22, 2010 Jill

Everything’s coming up web series these days.  Latest: hitvidi’s call for entries into its hit video web pilot competition… All right, maybe it isn’t “latest” exactly.  Deadline’s May 1 which doesn’t leave you a lot of time to get your act together.

What do you got to do?

Create a hit web show of any kind
comedy, prank, reality, lifestyle, doc, drama – it’s up to you.

Nothing to it.

Shoot your pilot episode.

Easy stuff.

Then upload it along with your series proposal to hitvidi for a chance to win $10,000 to shoot your first season.

Okay, not the big bucks, but it’s better than nothing which is what most of shoot our first web series on.

Anyway, all the deets over at hitvidi.

What is hitvidi?  This is from their about page:

hitvidi was created to produce original shows of the highest quality.

The hitvidi platform will serve as a global stage for the most talented show creators while providing viewers with an on-demand lineup featuring only the best shows.

hitvidi is advised by a group of executives and media minds with connections to such companies as The Moving Picture Company, The Field and VANOC, with programming input from a diverse group of successful artists, storytellers and craftsmen from film and television.

VANOC?! The Vancouver Olympic Committee?!? I can’t find another all caps VANOC, so maybe.  In the rules and reg, it says all the money will be given out in Canadian fund, so maybe.  Not sure whether the Moving Picture Company is this one and The Field is this, but those are what I could find.

Lemme know what you know about this and whether you’re applying!

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  1. R.Pincombe

    The hitvidi website has been shut down. Only the entry page is up and it just says the contest is closed. What sort of contest disappears after the submissions are in.

    This one feels fugly to me.

  2. admin

    Yeah, I had heard that the rules of the contest were kind of dicey. I’ll see if I can dredge up any info about this. It does seem pretty hinky.

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