August 2, 2010 Jill

Anyone who’s been to Writers Watching TV sessions knows I have a little obsession with script stats.  So here are the stats for Ruby Skye P.I. The Spam Scam, as of today’s White Production Draft:

  • 12 Episodes
  • 68 pages
  • 68 scenes (including 3 establishers)
  • Longest episode:  9 pages
  • Shortest episode: 3 pages

Over on the Ruby Skye P.I. site,  I’ve started video blogging — horror of horrors.  I think it’s a little faster than writing, so I’ve had to get over my fear of seeing my own face on the screen.  There have been some technical difficulties, as you will see if you take a look.  But I’m getting better at it slowly but surely.

We also have a photo stream going on Flickr and our twitter feed is starting to come alive.