August 25, 2010 Jill

Perfect Day, Perfect CrewThe little web series we’re shooting now isn’t actually called Ruby Skye P.I. It’s called The Spam Scam. It is but a pin prick in the universe of Ruby Skye P.I. that I imagine.

Not only do I imagine Ruby Skye P.I. mysteries and stories playing out on multiple platforms, but I also imagine them playing out at different points in time and space.

This stuff isn’t sharply detailed in my mind yet, but there are vague shapes… outlines in the dark, shadows.

I can tell you the first platforms I’d like to play with. I want to do another web mystery pretty quickly and beginning to think about financing and story. I’m also thinking about my first Ruby Skye P.I. novel; I hope to get a couple of chapters and an outline on paper. I’m dying to do an iPad mystery that would be a little movie with interactive parts. That’s going to take a bit of a budget, but it’s definitely on my radar (any sugar daddies out there?). The Young Stars People keep asking me if this could be television and the answer is, of course, there’s definitely potential for Ruby Skye P.I., the TV series. Today, I had a good idea for an augmented reality app — kind of a no-brainer for a detective series.

As a story terrain, it’s amazingly cool to think about. Not every story or element in the universe has to be strictly Ruby-centric. Hailey Hacks is her sister’s web series. In fact, each other her friends might have a web series, why not? When we meet up with Ruby, she won’t always be the same age. That augmented reality app idea I mentioned in the last paragraph is a game that’s actually for preschoolers. Ruby would be 5 or 6 in it… and already curious and unstoppable. And what age will she be in the book? Maybe a little older, with some grittier problems.

I actually think my next big creative move might be to arc Ruby’s entire life.