December 23, 2010 Jill

I happened on some very interesting stats about video viewing online. These are from the end of 2009 but I’m pretty sure YouTube’s still king:

Popular video sharing platformsYoutube : 81.9%Vimeo : 8.8%DailyMotion : 4%MySpace : 1.1%<

The demographics have probably changed somewhat since 2009, but I think a trend toward youth is probably still there — but I’d bet it’s moving toward less dominance of that demo. I’d guess both younger and older people are watching videos a year later and it will continue to even out.

Age Demographics20-35 year olds : 77% of all visitors90% of visitors from Asia and Oceania and 66% of North American visitors are under 35 years of age

I wouldn’t imagine either of these stats have changed much, but who knows?

Top Five Countries (with bloggers embedding videos)1. USA2. Brazil3. Spain4. UK5. Canada

Top Five Cities (with bloggers embedding videos)1. New York2. Sao Paulo3. London4. Madrid5. Paris

And from February of this year:

Nearly one third of online videos on Youtube has less than 100 views, and another quarter have between 100 and 500 views.

Less than 1% hit the million mark.Yikes!