June 8, 2011 Jill

We talk endlessly in the digital space about monetizing. But some of my most trusted advisors have advised me to build a community around my work first and that the money will follow.

The thing is the conversation is so overwhelmingly about business models that we don’t spend enough time talking about promoting our projects and building communities around them. How does an independent creator build a buzz?

My good friend Julie Giles has been giving me a lot of advice on how to raise the profile of Ruby Skye P.I. and now, she’s written a book for the Independent Production Fund on that very subject.

HOW TO BUILD AN AUDIENCE FOR YOUR WEB SERIES: Market, Motivate and Mobilize is like having Julie on staff — except for the fact that you still have to do everything yourself. 🙂

But seriously, there’s a lot of wisdom here for web series creators to take heed of. Lots of practical advice that you can start taking on day 1 or whatever day today turns out to be.

The book covers everything: building a website, SEO, press releases, social media marketing, analytics, awards and festivals, community development. It’s all there in short, easy-to-read language that even the most exhausted web series creator can read through.

There’s an eight month timetable and some rough budget estimates.

How much, you ask? Free thanks to the good folks at the Independent Production Fund. Download it here, pour yourself a cup of coffee and dig in. Great advice.

And I do truly believe that if you build an audience, the money will follow.

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