August 9, 2011 Jill

“Most of you are not going to make it in show business. Most of you aren’t that good.”

Those words spoken by Lucille Ball during an eight week comedy course Taylor Negron took from her in the 70s. His piece The Pink Gorilla (Tuesdays With Lucy) in Fresh Yarn is a great read.

On the death of Ginger Rodger’s mother, Lila:

“In the early ’30s when women came to Hollywood and they got off the train, they were met by men who impersonated agents and studio executives offering them rides. The men raped these women.” Lucille let the tears roll.

“Lila Rodgers created the Hollywood Studio Club, a place were young actresses could live, and be safe from these rapist-men. In those days, when you were raped, a girl never mentioned it.”