September 17, 2011 Jill

Both American Writers Guilds have new boards.

The WGAw has elected a new president, Christopher Keyser. VP is Howard A. Rodman, Secretary is Carl Gottlieb.

The eight new members of the board of directors are Billy Ray (incumbent), David S. Goyer, Dan Wilcox (incumbent), Linda Burstyn (incumbent), Carleton Eastlake (incumbent), Thania St. John, Ian Deitchman (incumbent), Alfredo Barrios, Jr.

Keyser writes with Amy Lippman, with whom he created and ran Party of Five. It is extremely interesting to listen to him talk about why is running for the presidency and what he hopes to achieve:

Chris Keyser for WGAw President, 2011

In the east, the WGAe reelecter President Michael Winship. Jeremy Pikser will serve as VP and Bob Schneider is Secretary Treasurer.

The WGAe Council is made up of 19 Councillors — 12 who are freelance writers and 7 who are staff writers. The new freelance members of the Council are Henry Bean, Bonnie Datt, Elliott Kalan, Susan Kim (i), Bernardo Ruiz, and Courtney Simon (i). The three open Staff seats will be filled by Sue Brown McCann (i), Phil Pilato (i), and Duane Tollison (i).

Congratulations to all.