November 25, 2011 Jill

Anti-Social is a digital drama about four teenage residents in an experimental treatment facility: Jessica Jamerson, wrongly convicted but not beaten; Harry, the deeply hurt lone wolf; Flame, a flower child with an affection for fire and Grainger, some rich kid who decked the principal. Their treatment involves the radically new virtual milieu therapy, which has the kids re-imagining themselves and learning to be part of a community by blogging and participating in the web’s social networks.

Equal parts Breakfast Club, MisFits, Skins and In Treatment, Anti-Social is a black comedy multiplatform series about teens grappling with the big issues of the teenage years: relationships, drugs, sex, morality, the future and friendship. It is filled with comedy, action, romance and outrageous pushed-to-the-limit teen drama.

I’m looking for partners to help me bring the series to many screens. Here’s more on it:

K7 Media is very cool U.K. company that provides its clients “with information and strategic advice about trends in video content.” Among their services is to provide “Quicklists”, monthly curated compilations of interesting content that might interest their TV and agency clients.

A new feature of their Digital Quicklist is to present projects in early stages of development.  This month, they are featuring Anti-Social. The above video is part of the current digital Quicklist and it’s also currently featured on their homepage.

That’s Mike McPhaden, playing Dr. Stu, the psychiatrist in the series.

Many thanks to the wonderful Mark Croasdale for putting the video together.