May 23, 2012 Jill

Here are some highlights from  production day 1.

Waking up and it being Day 1. People and gear pouring into the house.

Squishing under the canopy with Kelly to watch the monitor. It took us a long time to get here!

Listening to Geri Hall (Gifted Sarah) ad lib fortunes.

Lady’s book club with Geri (you’ll have to ask her)!

Watching Laura de Carteret (Lillian O’Shyte) take an expository scene and make it really funny.

Marvelling at how Jordan Prentice (Henry O’Henry) handles props. It is like a master class in acting.

Looking over Mike Reisacher’s shoulder to see the very first rough assembly.

Seeing a close up of Scott Beaudin (Edmund) in that very first assembly. Just saying.

And maybe best of all, watching Madison be the Rubiest Ruby we could have ever imagined.

Nine more to go.