January 11, 2013 Jill

I will be speaking at Transmedia 101’s First Meetup of 2013 in Toronto.

Creator Jill Golick will present Ruby Skye P.I. on January 15, 7-9 pm at our regular host location: InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Center. The night begins with a screening and demo of how the interactivie, followed by a talk on how to integrate interactive into narrative and world building. For the second half of the night, Jill will explain a bit about marketing and distribution for transmedia and tween series.

Tickets are $5 cash at the door. Please RVSP here.

I’ll be talking about the process of creating The Haunted Library (Season 2 of Ruby Skye P.I.) and many of the features of the show.  I’ll also devote quite a bit of the time to our marketing and distribution techniques.

Lately a lot of people have been asking about YouTube advertising (Google AdWords), so I will discuss my experiences using it and some of the pros and cons.  Also some of the tricks I learned after being selected for some special attention from AdWords specialists.

Please come on out to the event.  It’s a great opportunity to connect with other transmedia-ites.

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