April 16, 2020 Jill

Announcing the release of Story + Audience with Jill Golick and Annelise Larsen, a podcast for writers.

When digital strategist  Annelise Larsen and I get together a few times a year, the conversation flows fast and furious; ideas piling on top of each other. We both believe that it is essential to put the audience at the centre of every step of the development, writing, production, distribution and marketing of screen-based media. And since we have different backgrounds, areas of expertise and experiences, our conversations about story and audience are full of new ideas and revelations. I always leave inspired.

That’s why I am so excited to share some of these conversations with you in our new podcast Story + Audience. Over our first 8 episode season, Annelise and I will share anecdotes and case studies on the intersection of story and audience along with practical tips and techniques that writers can bring into their writing work and their promotional strategies.

Episode 1 of Story + Audience is available now. Click below to listen:

You can subscribe to Story + Audience wherever you listen to podcasts including the following platforms:
Listen Notes

If you’re working on a pilot script at the moment, you may find this podcast very useful.