June 10, 2020 Jill

Creating TV:The Workshop

Go deeper with personalized creative input. Limited to 12 participants. Apply now.

These six hands-on, mics-on Zoom sessions are your opportunity to workshop your creative material with input from me and a small group of like-minded peers. Each week, you’ll attend my Creating TV “lecture” series on Wednesdays. On Monday, we’ll gather to explore the same topic in the context of participants’ projects. It’s an opportunity to take the creative elements of a project to a new and deeper level. 

The Workshop is a chance to develop and practice the skills writers need to thrive in a story room. Beyond giving and getting notes, you’ll  learn about the individual strengths you can bring to a room, how to define your role and differentiate yourself from the other writers while acting as a team player. We’ll talk about story room etiquette and much more. 

During weekly Zoom sessions, you’ll have time to ask questions and work through creative problems. We’ll discuss career trajectory, elements of the business of tv that every writer should know and how to market yourself and your project.

The class will be limited to 12 participants.


1.5 hour classes taught on Zoom. 

Mics-on discussions of participants’ projects.

(Price includes admission Jill’s Wednesday classes. If you’re not into the Workshop, register for the full series of Creating TV Wednesday classes here and for just the first session here.) 

Target Audience

Screenwriters, web series creators, university screenwriting graduates and industry professionals. These classes are not intended for beginners. 

Dates & Topics

Mon June 22: Series Concepts (Lecture June 17)

Mon June 29: Character Development (Lecture June 24)

** No class July 6th **

Mon. July 13: Arcing Story: the pilot, the season arc, the series arc  (Lecture July 10)

Mon. July 20: Story Worlds, Timelines & Episodic formats (Lecture July 15)

Mon. July 27: Audience and Marketplace (Lecture July 22)

Mon. Aug 3: Theme, Tone & Style and Developing Your Voice (Lecture July 29)

Apply to Be Part of the Workshop

$678 ($600+ HST) for 6 workshop classes and 6 lecture classes (12 classes in all).

(one full scholarship and one half scholarship available.)

Please fill out the Google form found here by Monday June 15. Successful applicants will be notified by June 18th.  Apply now!

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