Things are crazy.

We’re all stuck inside trying to flatten the curve and feeling anxious. On the other hand, how many times have you wished you could take a break from real life and devote yourself to writing? Your wish has been granted.

The Pandemic Pilot Program is a step-be-step guide to writing an hour long pilot in 14  days. You can download the PDF by clicking on the image below.

A guide to writing your script while practicing social distancing

The plan breaks down the process of writing a pilot into seventy 45-minute writing “sprints” and tells you what to focus on for each of them. You can choose how many sprints to do each day. Sprints 1-30 are spent developing characters and story and getting to a rough outline. Sprints 31-70 guide you through the process of writing the first draft.

There’s lots of writing advice integrated into the document but not so much reading as to distract you from your actual job: writing.

It’s not an age old system for writing pilots because I only just made it up. Still, I think it will help you make these days of social isolation productive and maybe a little happier. I’d love to hear your feedback if you’re using it. It’s so fresh that there are probably plenty of typos and other kinds of mistakes. Let me know about those too.

When I started developing this program (just 6 days ago), I imagined that a few people might be quarantined for 2 weeks and this could help them use their time in isolation. Now it seems like a whole lot of us will be stuck at home for even longer, which is why I eliminated the pressure of completing the pilot in 14 days in the v2 draft. Now you can choose how many sprints make sense for you.

I considered offering this for sale, because like everyone else, I’m feeling financial anxiety. Then I decided to give it away because… everyone’s feeling financial anxiety.

Finally, I am considering am running a series of Pandemic Pilot Master Classes for writers every Wednesday on Zoom. If you’re interested, submit your email address below I will send you the details.

Or register for the first class now.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Keep Writing.

Sending love,


By the way, Annelise Larson and I have a new podcast launching very soon. It’s called Story + Audience and it’s about creating stories that connect deeply with audiences. Listen to the trailer wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe now so you’ll know when we drop Episode 1.