November 15, 2007 Jill

We got down to some serious strike talk before the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds meeting in Montreal wrapped up yesterday.

The member guilds decided that some serious action in support of the WGA was in order. And so the International Day of Solidarity was called for Wednesday November 28, 2007.

On that day, writers will support their American colleagues with demonstrations in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, English and French Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico and France.

This is the resolution that was passed unanimously:

The IAWG wholeheartedly supports the Writers Guild of America East and West in their strike against the giant multinational media conglomerates. Screenwriters are entitled to a fair share of the revenues generated by their work regardless of the medium of distribution. The WGA has fought for these rights in the past. New media is the future of our business and we stand beside our colleagues as they fight again for future generations of screenwriters.

Here’s what some of the guild presidents had to say:

Screenwriters around the world are entitled to receive their fair share of revenues from the internet and that is what our American colleagues are fighting for. Their fight is our fight.

Rebecca Schechter, President, Writers Guild of Canada

The future of our industry is shifting toward new media. Writers have always had to fight for a small share of the revenues generated from their worked and this case is no different.

Katharine Way, Chair, Writers Guild of Great Britain

Our solidarity means that no self-respecting screenwriter in any country will undermine the US strike. The overwhelming majority of our members will never take work from striking American colleagues, because the fight now taking place in the US is a fight for screenwriters across the globe.

Audrey O’Reilly, Chair, Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild

We urge the international corporate giants to share just a few more drops from their buckets of money with the creators — without whose work their TV shows, movies, webisodes and downloads would not exist. The networks and studios must return to the negotiating table without delay.

Tim Pyre, President, Australian Writers Guild

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