April 30, 2008 Jill

I’m a little bummed right now.  Facebook deleted Simon and Ali’s profiles this afternoon which is kind of depressing but it was inevitable.  The whole story is over on the Story2Oh! blog.

Anyway, it’s all about cheering me up right now.

One way is to go over and read Denis’s post on the subject again because I love it when someone rises to my defense with the word “fucktard”.

Equally, if not more cheerful is Webslinger’s review of my presentation last night.
Don’t I feel better now?  Thanks for listening.

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  1. Ken

    You have defined the future with the tools of the future. McGrath is right when he says they just don’t get it yet. In looking over the fallout from Story2Oh! I began to see how “the dark haired woman” at CaseCamp might feel like Sean Young in Blade Runner; a replicant. When she realized she’d been “in like” with someone who didn’t exist that must have been a bomb. Just proves she doesn’t get out much I guess.

    But what’s wonderful about it all is that you’ve posed a very interesting question. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, what’s real? She was pissed because her experience was real, but her partner wasn’t. But, is that true? Just because her “friends” weren’t flesh and blood does that make her relationship with them any less valid? But, is that true? Her “friends” were in fact flesh and blood, or at least created by humans, such as yourself. But, is that true? Because if they’re a fictional construct of your mind, does that render them…false? Wow, I’m confused too. But I’m also fascinated by it all. Way to push the fucking envelope!

  2. I can’t begin to describe the thrill I felt when I received your email with the word “Fucktard” in the subject heading. This, of course, fell away into sadness at the woeful tale of how your Story2Oh! Facebook work got kicked around by the fucktards.

    The word fucktard is a noble word and deserves to be used more often – if only, unfortunately, because we find ourselves surrounded by so many of them.

    But don’t despair, Jill, the fucktard is a small and shallow creature which feeds upon the bottoms of our long plastic hallways and is, ultimately, not worthy of much consideration although delight may be found in the relentless tormenting of their vain glorious posturings.

    For more information on the Fucktard contact the Canadian Real Life Service.

    And don’t stop doing what you’re doing.


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