July 4, 2008 Jill

If you’re already watched and rewatched season one of Mad Men and remain ravenous for more, go read Jaime Weinman’s post Better Know a Writing Staff: Mad Men.  Here’ are a couple of  quotes:

 You know why Mad Men is the perfect subject for a post like this, apart from the fact that the DVD just came out this week and the second season starts near the end of this month? It’s because the writing staff is so small. Makes writing a post like this a bit easier than those network dramas with 95 co-executive producers, all of whom are waiting for a chance to take the showrunner’s job.


A cable writing staff will usually consist of a star creator/showrunner and a bunch of writers without a huge track record, which — assuming that he picks good writers — probably has a lot of advantages over the huge resumes on many network writing staffs, since it leaves the showrunner’s position, and his vision, more secure. Weiner’s choice of writers unsurprisingly tends toward people with his own background: comedy writers who are willing to adapt to writing drama with an ironic edge.

More Mad Men news: AMC is running a contest to win a trip to LA and a walk on part in season 3.  Canadians need not apply.  But if you are a Canadian and you do want to download the script from the AMC website and make a video, I’d be happy to post it here.

Mad Men season 2 premiers on AMC on July 27.

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    Any idea when CFC is making their decisions for the 2008 CBC Prime Time TV program?

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