July 25, 2008 Jill

Jefferey McManus has an interesting post on the economics of Dr Horrible:

If the show sells 100,000 units on iTunes, he makes $229,840 $87,280; if it sells a million copies, he winds up making more than four million dollars more than $2.6 million on his original “low six-figure” investment. And that’s before the DVD even comes out.

Over on Whedonesque, Joss responds:

This was a sensible article on a subject that will, if we beret-wearing artistes have our way, will matter very much. And the guestimates were not far off, as far as I noticed. I would, however, like to clarify two things:

The Actors agreed to do this because they wanted to do this. When I finally laid out my plan for gross profit sharing, Nathan said “I think you mentioned that somewhere at the beginning. And I think we all agreed that WHO CARES.” I hope they, and the writers,and the me, make scads, but we all showed up for more or less the exact same reason you all did, and I won’t have my peeps thought mercenary.

Second, let go of the “Doogie”. The man has a name, for God’s sake. It’s “Barney.”

These days, I usually cover the internet beat on the Story2.OH blog, but this was something I thought you’d want to know.

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  1. Jeffrey McManus

    Thanks for the link, Jill. Looking forward to following Story2.OH.

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