August 18, 2008 Jill

1. Flashpoint is going to go another season in fact, it’ll probably go several more seasons. So your spec will have a couple of years shelf life. And these days, you can’t expect much more longevity from a spec.

2. It’s got action and heart so you can show off your range.

3. It’s a procedural and everyone needs a procedural in their spec arsenal.

4. Even though Flashpoint is in its first season, enough episodes have aired for you to catch the vibe to write a spec. And you can watch them online on or on the CBS website. (CBS is geo-blocked if you’re outside the US and I imagine CTV is geo-blocked outside Canada, so if you’re not in North America, there’s always YouTube or download.)

5. Since Flashpoint is still new, there’s still a lot of unexplored story territory. You can easily find a story line that hasn’t yet been done.

6. It’s fresh and new, but there’s a buzz around it. Flashpoint has gotten great numbers and is that unique beast: a Canadian series that’s broken out in the US. Readers will know the series by name even if they haven’t watched much of it. And there aren’t any Flashpoint specs around (unlike Mad Men or Grey’s) so your script will stand out.

7. Your finished Flashpoint spec will be a fast read since the show moves at a nice clip. The people who are going to read it read a lot. It’s great to give them something with a lot of forward momentum and high stakes to power them through the read. That’s Flashpoint right there.

8. It looks like it would be a really fun show to write.


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