August 5, 2008 Jill

The current issue of Creative Screenwriting magazine has an article on how to write a pilot. Unfortunately, CS isn’t available on the web, you’ll have to go to a news stand and buy an actual hard copy to read it.

What you can get on the web are Jeff Goldsmith‘s wonderful podcasts. Until recently Jeff’s podcasts were exclusively devoted to interview feature writers, but the lastest is a panel discussion with the writers with the Office recorded at ComicCon. If you haven’t discovered these podcasts, this is a great reason to check them out.

You can subscribe to the Creative Screenwriting podcast for free on iTunes.

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  1. OutOfContext

    Very good issue all around and the stuff on pilots is particularly good. I’ve been subscribed to the podcast for a while now and have gone back through the archives which are available through iTunes and probably any podcatcher you use. The one with the Coen brothers is particularly recommended. Their chief screenwriting weapon is naps, apparently.
    Also highly recommended is the On The Page podcast with Pilar Alessandra.

  2. admin

    Thanks for the context. You can find the link for the archives of On the Page at here.

    I haven’t listened yet, but I’m going to… right after my nap.

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