August 14, 2008 Jill

Thanks to the WGA strike, Rescue Me didn’t manage to get a season last year. Word is they are coming back but they won’t broadcast for months yet. So to tide you over and help the series hang on to its fans over this ultra-long hiatus, they’ve produced ten “mini-episodes” — each about five minutes long — and have released them on the web.

As Tubefilter notes:

Releasing minisodes to help a struggling show is not without a hint of irony; Rescue Me was delayed by a strike that hinged largely on the issue of how to deal with online media, and to solve the problems caused by the delay, they turned to” online media.

You can find the mini-eps on YouTube, Crackle, MySpace, Hulu but only if you’re inside the United States of America. The rest of us are geo-blocked out. Apparently they aren’t concerned about the show’s international fans. Hmm.

If watching them streamed is out, there’s always downloading.

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  1. admin

    That burns me too.
    Let’s ask this question, will the artists benefit from the increased revenues from geo-blocking? Or is it just a way to increase profits for some middle man? It certainly isn’t a way to build loyalty and interest in the global community.

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