August 12, 2008 Jill

The news that Pretty Handsome didn’t get picked up is a month old, but new to me. And I’m pretty upset because I know I’m responsible.

I saw the pre-air and it was brilliant. But I didn’t write about it. I should have, but I was waiting till pre-air season was over to gush over how it was the best pilot I’d seen. I just wanted to sure I’d seen them all so it could be truly true. Of course, the pre-airs have long since stopped being leaked so I was lax in not having mentioned it till now.

I’m sure Pretty Handsome was leaked in order to create an internet buzz and a demand for it. So as a blogger, I made a big mistake. And I’ll have to pay the price, because I won’t be able to watch this series. It’ll never get made.

Pretty Handsome stars Ralph Joseph Fiennes as a married gynecologist coming to terms with the fact that he’d really rather be a woman. The pilot was beautifully written by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy and the performances were supurb. It was one of those television experiences in which you are pulled into a rich deep world that fully envelops you. Remember what it was like to watch Six Feet Under or the Sopranoes for the first time? Or Mad Men just last week? That’s what we’ve lost with Pretty Handsome.

I’m so sorry. I promise to more vigilant.

Here’s a little sample of what we could have had:

Pretty/Handsome - Preview.

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  1. I loved it too but I left it thinking there’s no way they’ll pick this up. Low expectations really help cushion the blow of disappointment. I was curious how they were planning to sustain the story though. I must have misunderstood something I’d read and went into it thinking it was about a guy who decided on a sex change operation in the pilot, and the series was going to be about the transition.

  2. Jasonia

    I’m more than disappointed as well, I definitely could imagine that show being on HBO or Showtime. So I keep watching the pilot, apart from the shaky cam a work of brilliance.

  3. lesley

    When Google sent me a Ralph Fiennes
    Alert..I opened and found THIS. First of all Jospeh Fiennes does not interest me…When I read the synopsis, for the life of me I couldn’t imagine RALPH FIENNES even taking thie role on, even thought he could do it with his eyes closed.
    Please don’t advise information
    about RALPH, when it is not him!


  4. admin

    It’s true that all the promo on the series says it’s about a guy undergoing a sex change and maybe they would have gotten there, but they didn’t in the pilot. This was unmined territory for TV and done with finesse.

  5. zenrager

    WAS THIS FOR CABLE? WHO SHOWED THE PILOT? I love six feet under, and would be interested in this. Never saw a word of it. (That says alot about the times, and it is a good thing.) Too bad it’s not a pick up! Was this on showtime? I want to know.

  6. admin

    FX commissioned the pilot I think, but it wasn’t aired as far as I know. I found a torrent on the internet and downloaded. It might be available on one of the streaming video sites if you’re not the downloading type.

  7. Damien

    I can’t stop watching this video !
    I just love the piano playaing from 1:55 ’til the end is amazing !
    I think this should become a feature !

  8. Who’s gonna break the news to Lesley up above there that RALPH FIENNES played this totally fucked up psycho Nazi rapist in Schindler’s List?

  9. admin

    I vote you. And perhaps you’ll explain google alerts to her while you’re on it.

  10. And here I thought it was the fact that I didn’t get around to watching the pilot that prevented it from getting picked up. I can sleep better knowing it was your fault and not mine. 🙂

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