October 20, 2008 Jill

I frequently get emails from people looking for specific television scripts.  And a lot of readers come to this blog on a google search for a script.  I don’t trade in scripts, but there are plenty out there on cyberspace.  I can suggest a few places for you to look.  If you’re diligent, you will find the motherlode, including scripts for Mad Men, Flashpoint, Big Love, Dexter, Gossip Girl, Heroes, Life on Mars, The Mentalist, Rescue Me and much much much more.

The Light It Hurts (right hand sidebar)

Simply Scripts

The Weekly Script

The Daily Script

PDF Movie scripts (free membership, lots of film and TV – thanks, Sacha)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine scripts

Veronica Mars and Cupid scripts

Buffy and Angel scripts

Sports Night scripts

Share your links and I will update this list.

Happy reading.

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  1. Jasonia

    I’d go to

    and apply for a (free) membership once registration is open again. Tons of stuff there and a great community.

  2. So where is this ‘motherlode’ of which you speak…or are you just saying all those TV scripts are somewhere in your list, one just has to find them.

  3. admin

    These are the links to the motherlode. Click and ye shall find.

  4. Sacha P

    Thanks, Jill. The site ‘The Light It Hurts’ is amazing. Holy cow.

  5. Lee

    The Motherlode now includes Knight Rider, Leverage, My Own Worst Enemy, True Blood, Virtuality and Warehouse 13, and others!

    At least until it gets shut down by NBC’s lawyers.

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