October 17, 2008 Jill

There is more to life writing than sex.

Last night, a few lucky Torontoians got to see an advance screening of ZOS: Zone of Separation and chat with showrunner Malcolm MacRury.  This is a great show.  It’ll air on TMN and Movie Central in January and you will watch it and love it.

Until then, maybe you want to read something Malcolm wrote, so here’s a link to a pdf of his script for episode of Deadwood.  While you’re there, you might want to download Mr. Milch’s pilot as well.  (Thanks to Lee Thompson for the link.)

Happy reading.

[Update: for those of you looking for the Deadwood pilot I fixed the link.  Or just click here.]

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  1. Tomg

    Do you know anything about the pilot Malcolm wrote for the CBC, “Republic of Doyle”?

    I believe it just finished shooting.

  2. Matt

    Hello Jill,

    would you have any insight into where I could find ‘Mad Men’ scripts?

    p.s. Are you excited about 30 Rock Season 3?

  3. admin

    I don’t know what’s up with the Rupublic of Doyle, Malcolm didn’t mention it. If I see him, I’ll ask him.

    A good place to look for scripts is through The Light, It Hurts (http://leethomson.blogspot.com/). Check the right hand sidebar and click on “and lots, lots more…”

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