March 10, 2009 Jill

I’m here in scenic Niagara-on-the-Lake participating in the Canadian Film Centre’s NBC Universal Multimedia Matchmaking Program. All those words in the name and little indication of what we’re actually doing here, but it’s way cool.

We are spending the week brainstorming and creating. Our goal is to collaboratively creative innovative transmedia experiences. That’s clearer, right?

Here are some sites we looked at today that might interest you for the story telling components:

Rider Spoke

We Tell Stories

Day of the Figurines

Slabovia TV

Bow Street Runners

Where Are the Joneses?

In Search of Oldton

Routes Game

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  1. David Bausola

    A minr correcttion: It’s called “Where are the Joneses?” not “Where are the Jones?”

    Devil is in the detail will all transmedia inventions…

    But In Search of Oldton is one of my all time favorites and a huge inspiration to the Joneses project. Tim Wright rocks.

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