June 20, 2009 Jill

One of my dirty little secrets is that I never watched Lost.  I missed the first season and then people weren’t that enthused about the second and by the time the third rolled around I was hopelessly behind. I couldn’t just jump in.  Besides, everyone said I had to start at the beginning.  Do you know how many episodes that is?!  And by now it’s even more.  But, alas, not enough.

Recently, feeling desperate for drama I rented Lost Season 1.  I devoured it in 8 days.  Yum.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Although I’m sure it was a different experience than it was for an original viewer who thought that all would be revealed just around the next corner.  I know better.  And still, it’s compelling.

Since Season 2 didn’t have the reputation of some of the other seasons, I skipped ahead to Season 3.  I was confused  for a couple of episodes but then it didn’t matter anymore.  And six days later, I was done with Season 3.

Then I realized that Season 6 doesn’t go on till 2010!  And I only have two seasons to last me till then.  So now I’m on a conserve Lost mission.  I’m going to go back and watch Season 2 after all, because I need it.   I still want to binge watch — scarfing down a season over a few days, but I’ll spread it out a bit, maybe watching Season 5 at over the Christmas holidays so I don’t have long to wait for the final season.

When I’m done, I can check out the Lost Season 6 preparations videos. Two of the six have been released on YouTube. Here they are… but don’t tell me what’s in them till I’m done with Season 5. Thank you.


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  1. sarah

    Oh, man, am I jealous! I would love to be watching Lost all over again. It’s actually one of the few shows that I have watched almost completely as it aired, but I’m sure once it’s been done for a few years I’ll rewatch the whole thing.

    BTW, I definitely recommend going back and watching Season 2. To be honest, I think it was a lot better than Season 3, and there’s a lot of stuff in there that’s important for Season 5.

  2. admin

    I know people who re-read the entire Harry Potter series just before the release of a new book or a new movie. You could do that with Lost… but I’m not sure it would have the same impact. It’s the surprise of each new reveal that makes it so much fun.

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