November 14, 2009 Jill

Crash and BurnShowrunner Malcolm MacRury’s new series Cra$h & Burn premieres on Showcase this Wednesday night, November the 18th.  You should definitely watch it.  The show is terrific and entertaining.

Malcolm was a guest at a recent Writers Watching TV screening in Toronto and he talked at length about the genesis of the series and the writing process that drives it.  The entire discussion was recorded and is now available as the second in the Writers Talking TV podcast series.  Download it from the WGC site or iTunes.  Or just click here and listen now.

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  1. Specodyssey

    Hi there,

    You HAVE to check out “Misfits” it’s a new British comedy drama in the vein of Hero’s, but is much more edgy, very funny, and really well acted. Trust me, you will not be let down!

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