November 5, 2009 Jill

Office web

Subtle Sexuality is the new 3- part web series from the Office that launched October 29th. 

Subtle Sexuality is a girl group formed by characters Kelly Kapoor and Erin Hannon.  The Subtle Sexuality website promises a world tour.

These independent ladies can do it all: sing, dance, be fiercealicious, and work it’all at the same time!! Straight out of Scranton, PA their new single is inspired by Rihanna, Katy Perry, J.Hud, and all the Kardashians. Tear it open and you’ll never be able to put it back in the box, ’cause Subtle Sexuality is more than just a pop group: it’s a way of life.

But this isn’t a straight-ahead promo for the TV series, there is an attempt to monetize the endeavour.  You can buy the video and song on iTunes.  And on the Subtle Sexuality web site you can buy t-shirts, tour posters, coffee mugs and the like.

At least some of the video seems to be geo-blocked.  I haven’t been able to get it to play on the NBC site, although I did find episodes 1 and 2 on YouTube.  I’ll embed them here, but I suspect that NBC will pull them down for copyright infringement.  So watch fast.

Subtle Sexuality - The Girl Next Door (The Office)

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