January 24, 2010 Jill

Crushing It! Coming SoonThe Social Media Week Story Project continues to come together at an amazing pace.  Dean Meyers is in the process of building our site at crushingitstory.com where all of the story components will be aggregated.  Our writing team has been working hard building character and story.  And producer Cathleen MacDonald has been keep us organized, on schedule and practical.

With just over a week before we go live, one of our most important jobs will be to make sure people know how to “read” the story.  The Crushing It! site will be the source of all information and links.  We plan a daily blog that will help you keep up with day’s developments.  On the site you’ll also find links to our characters wherever they are on the web.

We also have a Facebook fan page.  There’s very little on it yet, but it will be another great source of information.  Join now to get the latest news about Crushing It! and also to help us spread the word and build an audience.

The plan is to have our characters live and active on Twitter at 1 and 6 pm Eastern daily Feb 1-5 (not all the characters but the ones who have developments to tweet).  Search #cistory to follow the action.

You can also follow our characters.  Here’s who they are:

David Tetley written by Scott Albert  https://twitter.com/BigD4Dave

Laurence written by Illia Svirsky   http://twitter.com/about2bhitched

Brad written by Brent Delaney   http://twitter.com/soon2b_single

Lily Green written by Adam Higgs http://twitter.com/lottalily

Peter Hollinger written by Lorin Wertheimer http://twitter.com/hollingpete

Neal written by Jennifer Liao   http://twitter.com/youngneal/

June Tetley written by Sophie Sampson  http://twitter.com/june_h_tetley

Gam3rgurl written by Elize Morgan   http://twitter.com/gam3rgurl

Barbara Marks written by Jill Golick  http://twitter.com/barbology

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