January 31, 2010 Jill

Our tale is about to begin, but there’s still time for me to introduce you to our players. Meet Barbara (@barbology) and Laurence (@about2bhitched), a lovely couple. If you make friends with them, perhaps they’ll invite you to there nuptials. Yes, they’re engaged and the wedding is this Friday at 6 p.m.

Standing up with Barbara is her bff, Lily (@lottalily). Lily is very pregnant which is a wonderful quality in a bridesmaid because by comparison the bride seems slender, even if she has been binging on chocolate and bacon in the lead up to the big day.

Also attending the wedding is Laurence’s college roommate, Brad (@soon2b_single) whose marriage is wrapping up. And sending regrets is Barbara’s old pal, Peter (@hollingpete) who is too busy with work in New York to make it up to Toronto for the wedding.

Now let’s turn our attention to David (@BigD4Dave) and his gf, Carmela (@findcarm). Theirs is a turbulent relationship. David’s not the type to lay blame, but Carm thinks all their troubles stem from how much time David spends online. You see David is a Gary Vaynercuk fanatic. Gary’s book Crush It is his bible and he truly believes he can use the social media tools to capitalize on what his passion” if only he knew what he’s passionate about. Until he does find his passion, David’s happy to spend his evenings online, crushing it Gary Vee style.

Crushing along with David are two other Gary Vee fans, Gam3rgurl and Neal (youngneal) who Dave’s only ever met virtually. They meet online every night to talk social media and cheer each other on.

The newest member of David’s online posse is unexpected. David’s mom, June (June_H_Tetley), feeling a little lonely over in England, has just joined Twitter the better to monitor her son’s life.

If you have time, before the Twitter action begins, check out our character’s websites. Lily blogs at Babybumping, Barbara and barbology, Gam3rgurl posts at RE:thinking, and YoungNeal has a YouTube channel, but hasn’t quite gotten to posting anything on it.

The show begins Monday, February 1st, 2010 at 1 p.m. Search Twitter for our hashtag — #cistory.   Follow the Crushing It Story Twitter list.  Or follow the FriendFeed list.

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