January 19, 2010 Jill

Wo0t.  The Independent Production Fund will be financing web series!  The press release contains the great news:

The Board of Directors of the Independent Production Fund (IPF) has approved a new pilot program to fund drama series created for any platform.  In recognition of the evolving broadcast environment, the IPF will provide equity financing not only to drama series with a television broadcast licence, but also to scripted drama series that are designed and produced for exploitation on the web.

The IPF is inviting proposals for online drama series at its application deadline of March 31, 2010.  Regulations for applicants will be minimal in order to encourage maximum innovation and experimentation.  Projects must be webcast on Canadian-owned websites as a “first window” to ensure more Canadian content for Canadian portals.    Some of these projects may serve as pilots for traditional television drama, while others may develop their own dedicated online communities and audiences.

Film Nova Scotia is contributing to the new fund and up to two projects originating in that province will be funded.

The projects must be new, original, scripted dramas.  The producer or creator must be Canada.  The production must be on a Canadian-owned URL, portal or webcasting service.

The IPF’s contribution will be a recoupable investment.

There are two steps to the application process.  The first, due March 31st, is a Executive Summary of the web drama including a description of the creative.  It shouldn’t be longer than 6 pages.  It can be submitted electronically.

A limited number of projects will be invited to participate in a second stage due May 10, 2010 which involves a more detailed production proposal.

Final decisions will be made by mid-June.

The Independent Production Fund has been listening to creators and has stepped in to fill a need.  They heard us when we said we can’t finance web-only drama and they came up with a fund.  They heard us when we said we don’t have the resources to complete complicated and massive applications like those for OMDC and Telefilm grants and they made the application process simple and straight forward.  They heard us when we said we need the money now.  June is not that far away.

Thank you Andra.  Thank you IPF board.  This is going to make a real difference.

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  1. Kellie Ann Benz

    Jill, this is terrific news, thanks to you and Karen Walton, for sharing this!

  2. admin

    You’re welcome, but KW and I just report the news. The hero here is Andra Sheffer, who saw a need and found a way to help.

  3. Roneil Reddy

    Thanks for the great news Jill, is this financing only available in Alberta?

    If so, it would be nice to see other provinces following suit.

    Either way it is a great day for web film makers.

  4. admin


    The producers or creators must be CANADIAN and the delivery must be through a Canadian owned site. There don’t seem to be any regional constraints except when it comes to the two Nova Scotia projects that may or may not be funded.

  5. admin

    Yes Chris. Confusingly, comedy falls under the drama category as long as it’s scripted and story-based. If it’s sketch or standup tho, not so much. Clear as mud?

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