January 26, 2010 Jill

Crushing It - multiple logosCool cool stuff continues to develop around Crushing It — the Social Media Week Story Project:

Graphic designer extraordinaire and good friend Amy Leaman has put together some very fun logos for the project.

DhariniThe beautiful and talented Dharini Woollcombe has agreed to play Barbara Marks, the character I’m writing.  I’m so excited.  We’re going to shoot her video blogs later this week!

Eli Singer has helped us organize a panel discussion on the Making of Crushing It.  It will be held at the Rivoli on Queen Street in Toronto on Thursday February 4th, 2010 from 3:30 to 5:30.  The deets should be up on the SMW website shortly.  I’ll also be making a short presentation about Crushing It at CaseCamp on Tuesday the 2nd — also at the Rivoli.  (Yes, a return engagement at CaseCamp, pray for me.)

The story has developed to include quite a bit of user participation.  The characters will ask for advice a number of times through out the week.  They’ll @you back on Twitter if you @them.  But most importantly, we’re leaving the ending to one of the major storylines up to the audience.  They can advise the characters on what their final choices should be.  I can’t wait to find out what they decide.

I am so excited about this project.  It is an extraordinary example of the social media bringing people together, enabling them to collaborate and hopefully to reach an audience.  Of course that’s the big hurdle that lies ahead.  Can we attract attention in the crowded space of the web?  Will people understand how to “read” the story? Will they be able to follow it?

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