March 22, 2010 Jill

Poor Valerie Creighton.  Late Friday afternoon, a bulk email signed by her went out announcing the launch of the new CMF on Friday March 26. That’s the new and improved version of the Canadian Television Fund which, along with changing its name to the Canada Media Fund is going to usher the industry into the digital era.  From here on in, in order to be financed, television shows will have to have another platform.

Unfortunately whoever masterminded the bulk email forget to include the links to register for the “virtual launch and the two virtual Townhall Program Guideline Presentations later the same day.

Today comes the errata email with the links which take you to a site that doesn’t support FireFox.

Not with Firefox

The launch is being held Friday March 26 from 9 to 10 in both official languages.  You can attend virtually by clicking here to RSVP (but don’t use FireFox).  To register for the Guildelines Presentations, here for English and here for French.

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  1. Suzanne Keppler

    Hey, you can click through with Firefox despite the message. Thanks for posting the links!

  2. admin

    You can click through, true, but I’m afraid the webcast thingy won’t work with Firefox. I’m going to use Safari when the time comes.

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