April 20, 2010 Jill

There are just two days left to apply for the docSHIFT Crossover Weekend being held May 8-9th, 2010.

..a cutting edge initiative aimed at fostering collaborations and business partnerships between interactive media producers and documentary filmmakers. We are currently seeking applicants interested in participating in a 2-day weekend workshop facilitated by the UK’s Frank Boyd. Frank is the past BBC Director of Creative Development and the visionary behind world-renowned Crossover Labs. If you are an experienced interactive digital media professional (games, mobile, web, AR) looking for opportunities in the burgeoning interactive documentary genre, this weekend is not to be missed! Through participatory creative group exercises, the workshop is designed to break down walls between professional silos, develop common languages and perspectives and establish best practices for working together and ensuring success.

The docSHIFT Crossover Weekend is a pre-cursor to a five-day residential lab this Fall where select interactive documentary project ideas will move into development with incubation support by the CFC Media Lab and Ryerson University. While it is not mandatory that people apply for and attend the May 8/9th docSHIFT Crossover Weekend in order to be eligible for the docShift- CFC Media Lab 5 day residential program this Fall 2010 –it is strongly advised.

There isn’t a whole hell of a lot to the application.  In two pages (max) tell them about your professional background and why you want to participate.  There’s more info on the docSHIFT sit.  

I’ve been to Crossover and all I can say is do it!

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  1. darren sustar

    Hi Darren,

    We thank you once again for applying to docShift Crossover Weekend, but all of our participants have confirmed. You were very close to being in but the overwhelming response and quality of applications made it a very difficult decision.
    We welcome your interest in future docSHIFT initiatives over the next two years.

    The docSHIFT Selection Committee

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    show details 12:02 AM (4 minutes ago)

    Thanks. I moved very deeply by motivation to create something, anything by this absolute decision.

  2. admin

    Hey Darren,
    Not sure why you posted this this here or what your response to the docSHIFT committee means. Are their some typos maybe?

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