April 28, 2010 Jill

Davis TremeAntoine TremeJanette TremeAlbert Treme

It hasn’t taken long for Treme to take it’s hold on me. By the end of this week’s episode I was deeply into each character’s storyline. None of them feel like stock characters to me. They seem original, quirky and real — very complete. Yet at the same time, they are mysterious, who are they? What is driving them?

Annie TremeToni TremeLaDonna TremeDelmond Treme

I’ve started to develop favourites.  I love Davis, Antoine, Janette and Albert.  I feel for Toni and Annie is growing on me.

Which Treme characters are your favs?

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  1. Elize Morgan

    I adore Davis, LaDonna, Annie, and Albert.

    I’m not going to lie, mostly I really just dig the city. Best. Character. Eva.

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