April 1, 2010 Jill

Applications to the Independent Production Fund‘s Web Drama Series Pilot Program were due yesterday.  This being the first time for the fund, no one had any real idea how many applications to expect.  I heard educated estimates around 100.


The tally is in.  There were 166 applications from across the country!

45 French.

121 English.


Allow me to say once again, how much all of us appreciate the Board of the IPF having the wisdom to recognize the need and take the chance on this program.  You can see, we really appreciate it!

And thanks to Andra Sheffer for sharing these numbers and spearheading the whole thing.

And now, back to waiting.

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  1. Elize Morgan

    That is a… few applications.

    Fantastic to see, however!

  2. admin

    I think (and don’t hold me to it) 12 to 14 applications will move to the next stage with 6 to 8 finally getting financing. It’ll be mid-June before the final decisions are made.
    They were expecting about 100 applications so this is a lot more than they anticipated.
    I have no idea what the ratio of is of applications to successful projects on other funds. For this, it looks like you have a one in twenty chance of making it through.

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