April 20, 2010 Jill

Here are the Independent Production Fund Web Drama Series Pre-Selection results. 166 applied, 26 have been asked to submit complete production applications by May 1, 2010.

These are the 26 projects:

11 Règles

Whimz Studio

Producer: Steve Kerr

Writer: André Gulluni

Director: Yan Lanouette-Turgeon

The Agent C

Ravenhead Productions

Steve Cochrane, Phyllis Ellis, Adriana Maggs

Beer Goggles

Decode Entertainment Inc.

Greydon Laing, Beth Stevenson

The Brothers McElroy

Zeros 2 Heroes Media & Radius² Media

Matt Toner

The B-Sides

Shot on Site Media & Frameblender, Mercato Digital Solutions

Darcy Campbell, Tim Martin

Bunny Babies

Periscope Pictures

Cheryl Wagner, Harmony Wagner

Bunny Hug

Combustion Inc.

Grant Harvey, Jason Filiatrault


Smokebomb Entertainment / Shaftesbury Films

Daniel Dales, Jarrett Sherman, Patrick Tarr (Writer)

Consumer Joe


Producers: Robert Boulos, Alain Lépine, Didier Lucien

Writers: Éric Godin, Pierre Huet

Les contes

Jimmy Lee & Sid Lee

Producers: Jean-Baptiste Richard, Marie Michaud

Directors: Ricardo Trogi, Stéphane Lapointe, Podz, Mariloup Wolfe,
Robin Aubert, Jean-François Rivard, Miryam Bouchard, Jean-François

Les enfantillages

Groupe 33

Producer: Julien Roussin Côté

Writer: Alexandre Champagne

Director: Laurence Morais-Lagacé

Eye to Eye with Ruby Sky


Jill Golick

Fair Play

Lifeforce Entertainment Inc.

J. Michael Dawson, Chantal LeBlanc-Everett


Tungsten Visuel

Producer: Samuel Noël

Writers: Samuel Noël, Alexis Désilets

Director: François Tremblay


iThentic / 3 O’clock.tv

Jonas Diamond, Jay Ferguson

Jack Jobin

Coptik Films

Producers: Marie-Hélène Copti, Trinidad Rivas, Olivier Sabino

Juliette !

Les Productions Passez Go inc.

Producer: Vicky Bounadère

Writer: Yvan De Muy

Director: Marie-Claude Blouin

The Long Way Out

marblemedia interactive inc. & Fourth Wall Studios

Mark Bishop, Matt Hornburg, Sean Stewart (Writer)

Moderation Town

Stitch Media

Evan Jones, Anna Emmanouil

Open Mike

Opolo Pictures, theREDspace

Andrew Bush, Marc Almon, Angus Swantee

Papa 24/7

Avanti Ciné Vidéo

Producers: Luc Wiseman, Monic Lamoureux, Caroline Gaudette

Writer: Martin Larocque

Director: Carlo Harrietha


duopoly & Farmhouse Productions

Catherine Tait, Kent Sobey, Paul Quarrington (Concept), Mark
Steinberg (Writer)


Across the Street Productions, The Island Film Factory

Adam Perry, Jeremy Larter, Mark Sandiford

The System

Muse Entertainment & B360 Media

Joshua Dorsey, Leanne Levy, Cynthia Knight (Writer), Jesse Prupas

Tights & Fights — Ashes

GopherX Productions

Scott Albert, Christopher Guest, Courtney Wolfson


La Presse Télé Ltée

Producers: André Provencher, Marleen Beaulieu, Marie-Josée

Writer: Raphaël Codebecq

Director : Adam Kosh

I can’t wait to learn more about all these projects, but there’s at one among them that we can watch already: Tights and Fights. The first season is in the can and on the web. Check out episode 10: Captain Euchre vs the Plumber Minion.

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